Guillow’s Piper Super Cub 95 RC Conversion and Transfer

I’ve got a few things going on right now, some good, and some not so good. Over winter break I decided I wanted to a convert a balsa wood rubber-powered airplane kit into an r/c plane. I’ve built a couple of Guillow’s kits before and they were really fun, and I love to fly ultra-micro r/c planes that are about the same size, so combing the two just seemed like a great idea. The project started off strong, fortunately. I’ve built the two main wings, the fuselage, and the empennage in my dorm room. After doing a lot of research on finding the lightest and strongest covering material, I settled on UltraCote. I’ve never done a covering before, so I had to buy a hobby iron and hopefully that will go according to plan when I bring the aircraft parts home. I plan on stripping the electronics off of an ultra-micro r/c plane that’s roughly the same size as the Super Cub. Schoolwork has unfortunately gotten in the way as of late and so I have been unable to make any progress these past couple weeks.

In other news, after spending almost two semesters at Bridgewater State University, I found that I wasn’t very satisfied with the Aviation Department and also grinding out flight lessons at Bridgewater took a lot of the original joy that I got out of flying before I decided to pursue it as a career. So I’ve decided that after I finish up this semester at BSU, I’m going to immediately transfer to Quinsigamond Community College for their summer semester and go after a B.S. Aerospace Engineering. QCC has an agreement with WPI where I could transfer to WPI to get the Bachelor’s degree after getting an Associate’s at QCC. I think that this decision would allow me to still have a lot of fun flying while also continuing my other passion which is in engineering and design (and hopefully apply it to the aerospace field).

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