BSU, Flying, and my Robotic Arm

Recently I decided to attend Bridgewater State University next fall to pursue my passion for flying. I intend to major in Aviation Science with a minor in Flight Training, then become a CFI, train student pilots and accumulate hours, then fly for Cape Air for some years and eventually be a First Officer for JetBlue. It was a tough decision to decide on AVSCI at BSU because I love Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, but it’s simply too expensive and I feel like I’d enjoy being a pilot for a living more.

In school, the Maker Faire is coming up. We have nine class days left and the remaining four servos for my robotic arm have yet to come in so I’m a little worried, but I’m sure it will all work out fine. It’s coming together really nicely too, so if everything works out as I hope, I’m going to have an awesome, interactive project to show off at the Faire.

My desk right now, with the parts for my robotic arm encompassing most of it. This is a pretty good representation for the state of my life right now.